!!! [] I love You [] !!!

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[] I love You []

  by asaihati on Sep 16, 2001  

[] I love You []


Be what you are,

A rose, a spout, or a substance in this universe

Drink the prestige of my pure heartfelt ,

Dive in the depth of my white soul,

Take a shower of perfume in my eyes water.

In my souls' corners be cheerful,

Play like a child between me and me,

Collect all the conches with their colors and sizes,

Al of those are sands to me, and you're the pearl.

Form the top of the waves come down,

To the surface of my chest,

Touch my longing waves,


Extract the meanings from my pure fountain

Close your eyes and travel any where you like

Love is you bird

My heart is the play ground ,

The runway is my eyebrows,

With your checks and ears

Overspread me,

Sip me

Sip me

What your front teeth sedulousness

I swear,

From my childhood, I did not taste love like this heroic

I love you is a word,

If I say it,

It includes all the meaning

Form your overheads to your feet

I love you







Sun of Sa

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