!!!! Have you ever known !!!!

English Ray

Have you ever known

Have you ever known

That you scared me,

I felt the scare in my Mouth

My smile became a whisper inside your heart

I surely know for a fact

Your eyes are my binoculars

In each hidden

flow of sea waves  

If you gave me the looks

Your eye is a scorpion bit

That puts me in my grave  

A situation that gave us the spell of Foreigners

That keeps on and on to cut the intestines

Once it reaches deep inside my body

It has no mercy

Even if it goes 5 inches inside,

It is so unbelievable deaf

Silence has pealed a darkened love

If I have the gear

To reach my enemy

I would have uttered the truth and became a Leader

Even if I were surrounded by Barbed wires

There is the Law of the Land

But the Omnipotent Ruler is in the Skies

If charity was the soul measure

The Blessed is the pioneer

May the Lord shed his blessings on him

His beauty is endless

His characteristics are supreme

Ask God to pray on him & his family

Oh sea, I have come to say Peace on You

At this crescent moon night, you reach the supremacy of mankind

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poetvg's picture

incredible piece
i liked it

C. Hill's picture

Thank you so very much for this wonderful translation
I will tell you right now that this comment will be repeated twice. once here and the second time on your
arabic version.I knew from the frist time i saw it
that it were a most beautiful and compelling piece
as your native writing is. and the effort and
energy would be worth the time to comprehend
each word and seek it's understanding I were not disappoint nor did i ever believe i would be.
you are a most effected writer and your poem was
haunting... the emotional energy of it rushed in on
you and swept you away with the tide of its words
depths and meanings. I felt your urgency and
my heart pray with you as my eyes filled with
I appluse you for a job well done
next time i will know where to look
Thank you again