[] One more ray

English Ray

I sang a song of love,


that rules my heart,

Waited for a listening ear,

to hear my song,

A Song of today,

and tomorrow,

that shine the way



and sorrow that falls on the way,

Some one passed by,

stopped, and time was so fast

for me to stay,

I left my fingers,

and all my litters

thinking they might fad away,

Telling me

that love will not survive

a little more


a plant was growing

to keep singing for love

that might fine some one

telling me that love

is still ass the sun shines

One more ray

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Pretty Words

is the name of an old song sung by the Shirelles. This reminds me of the lyrics:

"You gotta keep telling me words I want to hear

you gotta say pretty words every time I'm near

you gotta tell me that you love me

I know you'll be there right though the years.

Please tell me, please tell me

words I want to hear."


Thanks for this one  - Stella




After a re-reading, "...a plant was growing to keep singing..." is one fine line! ~allets~