[]A Letter to the Rose []

English Ray

Dear Rose

that gives the hope to have the best smells

of life and love

two days or more

seems to be right near the flour

The answer of love is there

and the witting for it

makes the glower

I find my smile comes near

when ever she ask me to clear

I find the green

I fined the seen

I fined the music I like to hear

I see the dust that comes and go

On the face of her

never will grow

Misty morning ask her to stay

Some how she like it and made her way

What make me read these words of her?

She said she's hard and she said she's wend

Who ever comes near she start to blow?

She says, she's the rain

That will remain,

And she say she the fire of love in vain

She enjoy the cold and frozen night,

to hide in love and hold on tight

She likes the water to play and swim

And strip her legs

And makes it a joy that to be with him

She dives in the eyes and get the jewels

And looks for dream that sinks in rolls

The borders of rocks might stop her dive

And wave inside her keeps moving

And the power

The self-pride well just survive

What ever it takes and what ever it makes

The living secret will ever be seek

Dance with the mood and walk on the wood,

And make form live bezels and codes,

Where ever you strip

You leave a rose,

a print;

You plant the seed,

leave the people to come and read,

for nothing, but,

to let them read and your words kiss their lips,

How far you go?

How near you come?

Some souls can read,

some can feel,

and some can only be what your soul inhale,

How far you go?

How near  you stay?

To me

I just wanted to be somewhere!!!!!

In the corner or on the surface of her mined,


all I asked for is

a seed of rose,

to plant in soul,

and inhale ,

beauty my gardens,

spread the love and

keep it glow for live and love,

To keep her last for ever more

when she talk, she says her word to tighten me

hold my soul, and forever more,

Dear rose take best of care for your self

and keep me on your mind, simply, I dear you,

It's now up to you if you like

to give me a rose or the seed




sun of sa

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