[] Me and the Rose []

English Ray

She chose her name from the Rose.

I met her between her lines of thoughts.

They told me the romance in her pain.

She lives somewhere in the air.

Her room views the ocean green, and blue.

Pure drinking waters she owns it too,

Rain, falls, springs, where she started to boom.

Her pride covers her wounds,

I came closer to see her eyes,

and read her soul.

She sees in living just to die.

When ever her lover's become a lie.

She closes his eyes whenever he tries.

So is hard to see

To the closed eyed,

She never agrees to show her ties.

The pride is there,

The fear in soul is hiding somewhere,

Wends of love pleasant the air

The rain is promising

The life of love and the love of life will still be there.

Because of pain she still sustains

She seen the trees,

She said they 'll ever last,

a tree replied

It isn't me

My days is not what you see,

It's just a legend,

decorated with me,

You inject the spark of burns,

in me

It makes me shake

When wends blows me

You make the smile on the faces

Like a toy does to the child

Stop the cry,

Smile and keep the smile that all can see.

How much it worth?

The air is there, the soils is there,

Plant your seeds in the hearts

My heart is there.

I came between to share the talk,

I'm not complete

But one thing about been a man,

If what you want is with me

You thing a man's life is a complete one and yours is half,

You did lose one day to cry a pet of it,

Your only look the of it

Or the need your in it,

It's easy to come from top to down,

But the bottom is hard to climb

When you say you reach the sky

And your make-ups comes from the star,

Your face and eyes tarts to glow

You are not living to come again

Unless you love live to be the main

Looked in the sky, I saw the light.

The blinking glow from your start

Guides to meet the night,

I asked my self why?

Is she there?

Is she going to make it clear?

And dries the remaining drops of tears,

She will give all the remaining love

That ever bears.

Tell me,


Don't tell me,

My life is never complete

Without the shining part of you,


Give me your soul,

Give me your heart,

Let me cross the day


Meet the night,

I will ask the sun to stay a sleep

At least a day,

I want to hide between you lines

And merge your words and mind forever to stay





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i like this poem :*)
good work on it .