[] Lights of Love []

English Ray


From your light the lights of my love glows,,

Rains of tears,,

Vividness the visions,,

And longing to you ,,

Claiming the feeling in words,,

All what went,,

Of burning fuels, of candles,

Staying nights,

Attraction with repulsion of your and me,,,

Had De fused a defensive wall,,

Means to say, my doors for any to fight,,

I’m not complete,,

You complete me,,,


Being free, I ‘m not to give up

Spring is coming and lots of flowers will be there,,,,

Sweet breezes,, refresh throwers,,,

Ant be guilty to love again,,,

My heart live and sleeps at a time,,

When hands are off or hands say my regards salam(is peace),,,,

In love I found, my world,,,

In love I found my home,,,

In love I found my self,,,,

In love I found you,,,

When the rain comes,,,

Look for me,

I might be somewhere

Near the streams of love,,,

Waiting for you

a flouting flower

Handles her soul,,

Near that stream,,,,

Sounds leaves,,, striping the peels,,,

a whispering bird,,,

a butterfly,

Yellowish, radish greenish,,

and a shadow of trees, protect from razes,,

I know that time if ever you know,,,

Or else your heart is died ,,,,

Don’t and will be no blame,,

in living could be

your heart and say,,,

But if you want to come,,,

I am not bad,,

My dignity worth more,,,

I know you say,,,

And I need no pay,,,

Lots of flowers,,

When rain had come,,

Some razes go alone,,

and some others

fell something moving in bloods,,,

Read me well,,,

From your light,

the light of my love glows,,,

Light of love,,,

is me,






Sun of Sa

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beautiful poem .