[] My Jewel Gem []

English Ray

I have a jewel gem kept in my safe

Protected from the people to reach

Hiding form the eyes that waves

Its' value keep on raising up

Away for the sights at carefully

Not to be seen

I'm afraid if it comes out

The waves flows the tracks,

and discovers my ribs

Screened from the eyes

of the eyeballs of the known

At my souls' sides

Flies as bird that have wings

She attachés like lions

when the periodicity of hunting is being

She fight the Parvenus of the jangles.,

Act the queen of her land

The hit on soul

If you ask me,

You like to see her

I became her guard

After she was my holder and keeper

Non ear will ever hear

the sound of her name

Not a way.

She is who owned the self

with out expectations

If you like to

meet her majesty and beauty,

Let me ask her

I became captive for that jewel gem.




Sun of Sa

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