[] Traces of Love []

English Ray


Keep drawing,,

My letters, from my fingers

and suffering pen,,,

Touch the sands,,,

Of my dry lips,,,

The lips and soul are calling the rains drawing of your tears

Thom’s of my hands flies,,,

Wendy, cloudy,

and rains,,,

Raining ,,,,

flowing valise

changed your factual,,,

The sun gave you the metallic colors

When ever others

want that beauty,,,

Lay down to the ends of their skins,,,

This burning tans Sea colors

In times we call it blue skins

Like the blow waves

and the

blue skies dome

Dry sands refreshes

at the time we meet,,,

What a relaxing colors,,,,


stony sands ,,,

Getting wet and curly,,,,

Do you want a silky sheet,

Lots of Greens greasing around

the soul need and longs,,,,,

Touch me not with your eyes,,,

Let your inner soul,

tongue of grasses is waving,,,

She changed some of the sans layout to

Forget some of the rest,,,,,,

That look to be infinity,,,

This is the nature of being,,,

Is effected like the rain,

with the rocks,,,

And mettle with the crakes

and mantled then

Evaporates to drops of tears,,,,,,

It’s not two hundred or two thousand of thousands,, of years,

The same them and principles is being advocated ,,,,

Equally,, justness and fairness,,,

Do not Go back I am not telling you

The little plants, flourish , and smiling of wetness,,,

Do need the moister of your tears,,,,,

It’s only those tiny things

I thank the giveness ,for the controls that of it ,,,

When another will hold, frittering of the losses and ownerships,,,,

Could you see what I seen the try sands,,,

And match it with the dryness of my longing,,,

Exactly the same in my insides,,,

Don’t be late

I really feel much in need,,,,

I will tell no one ,,,


But, I will tell,,

My whisper’s echo to

try to do their best to reach the sky,,,

Non shaking

In your believes,,

And recognition of being free minded,,,

And feeling of shortness,

My love lay down,,,,,

Bend your knees

I will see you there when at the time to meet,,,,




Sun of Sa


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