[] My Tender []

English Ray

My tender, heart, and soul,,,

Take what my hands lines, from the pure soul,

the faith of my heart hooked

to the east and west

In an hour of a day,

I was so busy mined

with what concerns

Drying tears of days

being patient till

Love takes off any time

I seen a shining light

flowed me all the time

Hesitated at the beginning

I asked

is it the flames

the lights, and the argentine

I got closer

reading lines,

walk once and reading the lips

I asked

Oh my God, and Creator

of the east and the west,

Did the beneficent opened to me?

And the gloominess,

in my eyes

I asked the valleys

in my heart irrigated the springs

in my soul flowed of magnanimity

In those moments,flowed of sweet words

for your undisturbed feelings in those

moments springs and checks irrigated,

Form the time I knew you,

And the eyes shines like the pearls

I abstract the lights from their highness every now and then

And my ears got used

to the rhythm of your voice I feel

homesick to it every now and then,

A nick I kissed

in it,

The blesses of my day.

Sun of Sa

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