[] Addicted to the Roads []

English Ray


No fear entered my heart yet,

Science the time I was born,

One thing I'm sure of

When hardship comes

I forget my heart

Play blinded and deaf

When I reach here

It did not come with the wends like the dust, or the could, or a drops of tears

It is a long gurney,

I call it my life settlement

It is my  home

I love it

more then any home

It's covers all,

your castle, stones, and roads ,

Working hard is the best and its my fun,

I ant looking for luxury of life.

I ant looking for hands to pray

I ant looking for spot to hide.

My home always accepts me,

and you can see

It's where you, and all,

point towards it

when times brings The Great God near your soul, faith healing, love ,

Ask your self,

does any one denies my home???

Feeling peace, faith, honesty, glowing lights and all the goodness, that you seen

or did not see

God knows it more then me and you,

Watch your self

from your head,

till your hollow of the sole

it includes a tiny universe witch have the same system

of the universe

pick us up

from the darkness to

your eyes light, and soul,

I tried reading hands,

but I did not see you there,

When I tried reading your eyes,

I found road to the sorrow.

A glowing raze

between your eyebrows.

When it gets hot

Writes with lipstick

the hidden lines of your history,

future's thoughts, and misters

Revolute some time,

bloods flow in your eyes,

Start droving the voluble tears,

Where ever you hide,

I still can see you

Flowing the sunrise and set

I see you, from your


Parallel mixtures or paints, and adjusted words,

a picture of the white angle

shades comes always on the other direction,

but never stops the light's beams

By your truly pure drawings of me

I sow you,

And I knew you

I see my face in the mirror, of your paints

It was not a mirror, it was,

Your pure soul, looking like the crystal.

Reflecting your face in me and me in yours

Now and every time,

I wont lose my way to your eyes

I only see one way

So I flow the lights of your eyes


I became addicted to your roads




Sun of Sa


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