[] Another LOVE Statement []

English Ray

I feel the peace if

it last or it goes,

I ask for the seed

Your giving me the rose,

I want to plant it ,

water it

Feel the routes grown

slowly every day

I rapid the does

Then it wont be

different then

what I expected

This life is yours

I love to handle it

form the start till what ever it shows,

I have no reason to be there

accept this aim ,

or even be the cause,

I am so certain of your love,

and certain when I get the seed,

your love will keep on grow and grow.

What I feel afraid of is the days,

before the spring time will grow us old,

I only asked for a seed

You gave me a rose,

I feel the peace if it last or it goes,

spring comes after the atom

Land gets, wet and be ready to be green.

I have no chosen,

When love in the heart,

Beats get faster and shake, the narves,

there comes the human's week.

At an hour asks the time to be fair,

The self gives,what of magic shows and appears,

my freighting to get closer

and the plant disappears,

My freighting tears, fllows,

roads gets blocked

even for the rare,

Don’t tell me your on the days controller,

as the time once some one’s

and once you’re a sharer,

Be adequate when times is your,

I’m unsure of me being good or bad,

unsure of you accepting to be the lad.

Keep for me,

what love can give,

leave for me the hardest that life will live,.




sun of sa

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