[] Shore Ant for Fish []

English Ray


From the eyes of seas you came,

I dragged my litters, and wrote,

Shore Ant for Fish,


I will swim in that lake,

Right there,

I had seen loading dock.


From your eye brows,

Even they were so shy and calm,

And thin,,

Feeling fatigued,


I know your characteristics


I know the luck is fondled highly demanded,


Eyes from the honey comb,

From your land,

Took what is enough,

Bleached the eyebrows from it water the world,


Pure honey comb

owners of the pure

I had my swim with fondle in its arts,


From  the flower of your breaths,

Thank full faith,



Move slowly, ( hah bas eshway )

The truth move in the smile,


It’s not a dream,

My eyes see and ask,

I think,

We are lost,

Me and you,


I see from distance there,

A sing board that says,

Shore Ant for Fish,




Sun of Sa


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Wally Smith's picture

I don't think any of us will ever again read a line like "I had my swim with fondle in its arts", so you've achieved something.