[]'Dawn’s Coffee'[]

English Ray

From the dawn’s coffee the rhyme sounds nice,

peels the peel,

of the nights’ shoulders,

looking for the circles of coming bys ,

It comes by slowly for sometimes,

to make the rhyme at the slow motions ,

and a little more time

I know form my first sip the taste

of my cup of coffee,

If the wet touches the, hard, and dry,

and the your smile rise,

I know that you’re my love

When the coffee smell and lunches

from my cup of coffee,

tell your breath touches the breeze

from the shores,

Form the breeze of the traveling coffee,

between your nose and nose,

then meet,at the point of senses,

It touches the sensitive skin,

then it revolute happily for your arrival,

Do you want me to sweep the flower???

Set down please,

relax the way you like,set in my eyes dishes,

all green spots under your legs, and the wet of the mist,

wets your legs,tell they freezes,

Have a set,accept the first sip,it has my soul

sip it all, don’t go so fast,slow down a little,

and more,let you’re sip gets full from the lips,

What a wonderful time,what is missing is only,the beautiful soul,

what is missing,(she)my  master,to make her a cup of coffee,

mixed with a sweet soul,what is missing me,is the feeling of being master,

if you accepted to be my master,




Sun of Sa

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In Category: Love,  Genre: Contemp/Mainstream.

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Ernest Bevans's picture

I love waking up early in the morning
to watch the dawn drink the night
the night black as coffee hot and humid
disolving between the lips of morning...
I enjoyed the feeling of this poem
and that is: The brilliant night waiting
for a quiet morning to come and consume
his soul and be his master. Good work!
Sir, keep writing - Keep the faith
Morning comes, somtimes like a bird
and somtimes like a quarrel