[]Close to the Heart []

English Ray


Your pain, pains me,

please don’t touch me.

Very closed to you aiming to carry the load,

pain with the load of the years,

If you could,

take my right hand, and me,

I have dabble pain,

a pain for your pain,


a pain for you, not touch me.

I do not own the space,

neither the stars move for me,

nor a moon nor a cure,

My self is a present,

I hope it is  accepted,

brings me to the level,

and, a little of good feeling for you,

Where the nice talk we met,

and we meet,seek what you do like,

I would be the hand and the land and flight

in your sky,

feel good and be good,

You might see some thing you want and long deep and high




Sun of Sa

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spiritual,  Genre: Contemp/Mainstream

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