[] The Real Test []

English Ray

I like the roses,

Because of you.

I love the pearls, and the colored roses

on your cheek, and on your lips.

When you don't show up,

blindly I move in daylights.

At night,

with its misters, become sunny, if you come.


heart in your chest,


like what with the others have.

You well

be happy or sad,

I wanted to say it before we meet.


I met you, I could not say,

we will become away,

from every thing and thing.

As if

we're on another planet.

In side me

a grate strong wave,

no one can

Challenge it, even the sea and the dif rocks.

I was going,

but my pen denies me.

My love  was welling so,

I could not talk.

As if

did not know how to talk.

I did not experience it before.

Your highness,

And the quite nights

If yo........wish,

accept the talk less of me.

An hour passed,

while we were there,

souls striped from the bodies.

I felt,

I was in a paradise of gardens,

Instead of grass, a rose field.

This is what love created souls.

They seem

true wishes in love's memories.

Wake up,

Wake up,

Wake up,

you got love.

Come along

Even when stars gets to sleep

hard hearted Could became light and soft,


you penetrate them with love

She swung, and my arms surrounded her

Softly, and calm.

That's what she wants to feel,

important, lots of goodness;

make her become the queen, feel nice and cool.


she comes all in my arms.

she said,


her eyes in mine

tell me

Wispier me

I said is it a hard test,



She said

be patient and never lose hope


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lovely piece