O deadlines

O deadlines


A boy from Upper sadness




Oh, my tears


From the eye of the drunk fool



Wide open to narrowed his wealth in his temples




And in the horizon they were scornful


Closed before meeting you






Oh, the same rant for the dawn of his arrival


the orientation of a certain friendliness and sweetness




The wishes of the sons of the flower and its stature


fed from the rhythms of appetite and kisses




the longing of the rivers  dijalh


Secret in self scheduling


Flowing between the soul


an echo and majesty




O my fear


You have to whisper if you stay


The spirit of snakes acquires the clergy




I counted it as a stick


In the hands of Musa praying


hastened to submissiveness of the soul to the feet




And today you come as if I were your savior


And the death of the dead with words of deafness defect




How can the heart tell patience long over due


And how to pronounce on her shoulders amused




This would have been cut off by those mountains



would be ashamed of the souls

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allets's picture


"...You have to whisper if you stay" - I hope the translation is a good one, because the line is ethereally delightful and profound. Like: Peace be still. Like: quiet is kept; fear, come softly.  - allets -


Reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot's song: Softly, She Come