The first time I saw her I was just the boy next door,
We were only thirteen but she was special for sure,
Over the years we became really good friends,
Even though thats not how I wanted it to end,
After High School we went our own  seperate ways,
I thought she was gone forever until one special day,
She had left her number with my mom and a message to call,
I figured it was really nothing at all,
We met at a bar that was underground,
I was amazed at the heaven I had found,
It was an incredible night we shared,
We never saw each other again and no-one cared,
Then one day thirty-five years later,
She sent me a message that said "Hi its Kellie, I was your neighbor",
Now every day we laugh and we talk,
Dreaming of the day we can share a long walk,
We are so different but almost the same,
I could spend the rest of my life listening to her say my name,
She has stolen my heart little pieces at a time,
With kindness and sweetness I thought I would never find,
When she says my name I feel out of control,
I pray that she loves me and together we can grow old,
Im still just the boy next door....

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