From The Heart


Thoughts race thought my troubled mind,

as waves continuously crashing upon the rocky shoreline .

Pounding at my tired mind

then receding momentarily into the backdrop.

Fatigue has set in for countless days

I do not feel rested.

I can not make up my mind

in this decision.

I go back and forth reach day,

sometimes each hour.

I wish I could just follow my heart

the decision would then be so easy.

however my logic,

and conscience get in the way.

Oh mind, be quiet!  Leave me in peace!

Stop harassing me, with pros and cons.

Let me rest upon the white sandy shore,

and feel the hot sun warm my skin,

as the cool breeze,

flows off the turquoise water.

Let there be silence in my mind,

so I can hear the answer when it comes.

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Byine Hicklin's picture

Oh, how wonderfully said. I look for the same peace and desire lucid thoughts...our minds work harder than we do. I like this piece, it shares the struggles that we all have really, struggling with decission and if it is the right or wrong one. I admire this piece so.