True Love

From The Heart

True Love

I never knew what true love was,

Till I met you.

You are truly unselfish

In your own needs.

You sought only my comfort

and peace of mind,

Through you needed more from me.

You patiently waited

till I made up my mind,

even though, your need to be with me

was never completely satisfied.

You softly led me,

in the direction I needed to go.

But you never pushed.

You always knew that true love

needed to be freely given

not demanded.

You let go,

when I needed space,

you pulled me close,

when I needed strength.

You gave so freely and took so little.

You knew my mind and heart

were scared, and needed time.

You still wait patiently,

in the shadows,

for me to come to you.

You know that’s where I belong.


in your loving embrace.

Let it be,

because you have wished for it.

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