From The Heart


My hot tears fall

on the beautiful mahogany

of the box.

I run my hand lovingly

over its polished smooth surface,

as if still caressing her beautiful face.

She has always been there

- all my life-to nurture, spoil and scold.

She was a fragrant flower

with roots in a distant land,

But she brought lots of “Home “

with here when she came.

Sharing with us the beauty of her culture.

She was the sun in our days,

the comfort in our nights

and the strength for our future.

we now say goodbye to her

as her time on this earth is finished.

Only to fly to God’s arms

and receive her eternal reward,

of Joy and Happiness.

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 Coffee2's picture


I love your poem Grama. I could feel your love as I read
the poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Love and prayers
Gilda Coffee2