From The Heart


As I slowly walk

along the well worn path

of the forest preserve,

I travel back to a time,

When we were here together.

Many times as one

with the woods and our souls.

The fall leaves crunch  

under my foot

as I progress to the center clearing.

The cool, damp smells, the dim light,

the moss forever spreading on the old log

we often sat upon speaking of love

and our future together.

Oh how I wanted to kneel there

in God’s shining presence

and pronounce freely the vows,

I so long ago murmured under duress.

That was another time another me.

But now I wanted to say

those same words again to the man

beside me before God and nature

in “Our setting” our church.

And this time really mean them.

But we never got to that clearing

the twigs, and stones baring our way.

So the salty tears now fall

down my cheeks you would softly kiss.

But now you are not here beside me

to wipe those tears away

and hold me close to your heart

and reassure me that we will never part.

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