The Rose

From The Heart


Dew clings to

The crimson tips.

And slowly drips down

The length of the bulb.

The sun is just beginning to rise

Over the tops

of the snow capped ridge

Beyond the meadow.

It’s slim golden fingers of warmth

Slowly spreading

Across the emerald field.

The shadows of

The early morning landscape

Seem to fade before my eyes.

The dew begins to disappear

From the single rose

I hold in my hand.

The last token of love

You gave to me.

I wish its perfection

Could last forever.

As a solid remembrance

Of our love.

But I know all too soon,

It will wither and die

Like our forbidden love

That was once in full bloom.

Oh, let me enjoy this moment    

To its fullest

While it lasts,

Before the shadows once again call

To claim the rose

And the love

That could not be enjoyed

Through eternity.

Let me press my lips

Against its soft fragrant

Damp petals

Just once more

To imprint this image

Forever in my mind and heart.

Farewell my lovely flower.

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