Vortex 4034p

Daylight slowly turns to dusk, as ghostly translucent shapes

slither across the moon ,creating long shadows on the lawn.

There is electricity in the air that causes the hair to rise

on the back of your neck. Some momentous event

is about to take place.

The cool evening breeze sweeps over us.

Causing goose bumps to rise on our skin.

Eerie sounds ring through the night

from the four directions,

seeming to converge in the center.

Lightening flashes, As the worlds collide.

Trying for synthesis,   the tints do not merge.

Repelled by each other they secede into a sequence

of bizarre spectrums, creating a whirling,

Swirling vortex  void of all color.

Provoking anyone to enter

This new dominion of mystification.

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