Thomas Chatterton: redress

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Thomas Chatterton’s Redress

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Born today, 20 November in 1752, Thomas Chatterton did not live into his 20s, taking his life on 24 August 1770.

His solution to life's dilemma was to drink poison. Having been disappointed and quite strongly disagreeing with his method of addressing his despair together with revisiting a similar plight when I was 15, realise how having failed where he succeeded has meant all the difference exponentially as every year that has accrued. This poem was previously published as Chatterton's redress.

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Stunning on so many levels,

Stunning on so many levels, masterful Poet. The imagery, an accomplishment in itself, is a poignant, highly symbolic undercurrent for your deeply moving introspection. In the end, emblems of sweetness and life triumph over the sour taste of life's struggles. 


Majestic and timeless and so much more! I'm blown away!

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Thank you most kindly

Thank you most kindly

here is poetry that doesn't always conform

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Nicely penned.