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Venice, Italy

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I am engaged and happily in love. I am a strong christian and hold my belief in Jesus. My fiance is spaniard and that is why I know spanish language. I know Italian for I was born here but when I was young, my family and I moved to France so I learned french language there. I moved back to Italia and am happy but wish to see America. I own a small bakery shop that I have a good passion about. God has given me everything I have and that is all I need. My family and I used to be close until I was a youth and fell in love with a business man. My parents did not want that life for me but agreed to let me be engaged only because they thought I would realize that I was making a mistake. I moved in with my fiance's parents and they helped me go to a culinary school where I learned to bake. I own my shop now and am 18. I have been engaged for 2 and a half years.

About My Navel

Touched has it never been
by a needle or a ring
leaving it innocent
it is pure

tanned like a sun's kiss
it hides underneat
in little bliss
it is an "innie"

It is what a bellybutton should be
just proof that you are a life.

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I am not sure, I love many things!


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