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Names Andrew. Not much to know about me. Message me if you have any questions.

About My Navel

I know now it was my life line in the womb
As a young-in I'm sure it was many a inanimate objects tomb
My navel is dark and scary. but it inst barren
Full of wrinkles and lint. and this scent that's daring
How deep does it reach. what secrets does it hold.
My belly hair seems to be curious, definitely bold
Like a deep sea diver hunting for treasure
But get out of the way belly hair, this is my pleasure
Insert index finger to the lowest back est corner. . . and scrape up
I find nothing but wont give up
I just need to push deeper till I find something, anything to rest my case
I wont let this effort I'm putting forth be a waste
I push deeper till it hurts. . . and then push some more
I enter a new dimension. . . my face on the floor
Shit this hurts. . . but there's no going back
I plunge deeper. . . then I here a snap
Just my wrist from this awkward angle
I breathe a sigh of relief, my ass in the air a dangle
I said no going back, but what does that mean
I'm doomed to only go forward, pretty reckless dream
I look down at my hand, my right index finger is gone, except a knuckle
That's my limit, I slowly retract but the pain makes my knees buckle
I fall on my side and start to wheeze
. . . Jeez
I cant go to the hospital for this
I wont go to the hospital for this
In one sharp burst I thrust my hand out
I let out a loud whimper, but refuse to shout
Blood on my hands and in my mouth
I bit my lip. I let it bleed out
I left my adventure with no treasure but I didn't return empty handed
I new lesson not to dig for pleasure and a new appreciation for the navel I was branded


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