one of our differences

Exploding Hearts

burning agony darkens my soul

silver tears i can't control

a question i will never know

why you are so willing to let me go.


rapid cycling obsessive brain

dealing with sadness i can't contain

questioning motives makes me insane

why you are so willing to cause me pain.


its fallen apart to all wrongs and no rights.

i've nothing left, so tired of the fights.

did you sabotage everything in sight?

did you run away with all your might?


i'm still bound by deadly hope,

with such despair, vast in scope.

lost in problems i will never understand.

ills i can't begin to reprimand.


chasing any way to relief.

dogged by reckless irrational belief.

dont stop until i forget you.

make me wish i never met you.


one difference between you and me.


when the universe gives me the opportunity

to love fully

to throw myself headlong into something beautiful

to open myself to hope

to make magick


i take it.


because i will die without regret.

i live every day like i will remember it for eternity.






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KindredSpirit's picture

All I can say is

You got stuff I really like

Out of that deal.


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

thanks :)

i'm glad something good came of it

pldappls's picture

i really like your work. his

i really like your work. his piece just speaks at you while choking you for attention. you are talented as shit (and keep in mind i hate most people's work). imma read more. you're awesome

and_hera_met_zeus's picture

aww thank you!!

ps i wanted to choke HIM not you lol!!!!