i don't know if you know

hourglasses sigh

i don't think you notice

when anxiety meets devotion

it creates in you

the gentlest and kindest care

attentive as if only one creature can exist at a time

focused intently on the wellbeing of one fragile creature.

one single kitten in the world is so lucky.


maybe you don't realize

you oscillate between feverish work pace

and a casual exhaustion

because you refuse to disappoint anyone

move heaven and hell to produce

and then fall to earth exhausted

as soon as its not important.


i think you must hate mistakes

because you fix them so quickly

even when they are not your fault.

strangely though, blame does not

appear to influence you much at all

except occasionally to make you indignant

perhaps rightfully so.


in your tireless devotion to self improvement

and herculean ability to shed bad habits,

i hope you take the time to notice

right here, right now,

in this moment

you are perfect

just the way you are.

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I Love to read what you write.

First Time.

I like it fresh.

Really good.


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thanks :)

thanks :)

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Sweet, thoughtful, and a

Sweet, thoughtful, and a beautiful write!

"It is a terrible thing to be so open. It is as if my heart put on a face and walked into the world" -- Sylvia Plath.

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awww thanks :)

awww thanks :)

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I Like The Fixing

of things that are not your error. I used to be like that - fixing the world was my goal - I've since learned it cannot be fixed, only nudged from time to time in a better direction :D ~enjoyed this one muchly, well said poet!~ allets




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aww thanks!!!! well, if we

aww thanks!!!! well, if we all nudge at once.....