American Beauty

My melancholy love is slowly dying.

He tells me he loves life.

Deep down, he is lying.

He tells me he will make things right.

However, sadly he is not trying.


My melancholy love is crying.

He tells me he is all right.

Deep down, his aching heart is sighing.

He says he can take on any fight.

However, sadly, his tears are not drying.


My melancholy love is hurting.

He tells me not to worry.

Deep down, his mind is spurting.

He says he will never stop flirting.

However, sadly, his life runs out in a hurry.


My melancholy love is dressed in black.

His body is cold as a frozen hatch.

Deep down, I did not want him to rest.

 He would say his life
was a wreck.

However, sadly, life was not his best catch.


My melancholy love will always be loved.

He would tell me he was not mad.

Deep down, I had no idea he was sad.

My melancholy love, thank you for all you have given to me.


You are the American Beauty.

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our voices are similar

our voices are similar af 

dope and pure and slightly hazy

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I totally agree :)