Mother Winter Daughter Spring


Mother Winter has white hair.

She moves slowly.

Makes everyone hush and sleep.

In soft blankets of flakes.

Can blow cold windy truths.

But also gently send nourishing snow.

Without her, Daughter Spring cannot grow.

Daughter Spring

Gently blossoms

Seemingly dull seeds

Peek open the cheery beauty

She laughs as the brook

Bursts radiant smiles as the daffodils

Slipping through Mother Winter's hugs

She is eternal maidenhood


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Spring Indeed

  • That is what it does. "Peek open the cherry beauty" Lovely. A neato reply to a call out for Spring writes. Thanks for celebrating. We made it to another spring, and so--we sing :D
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  • Reread 05-04-21 This spring to. Tornado season begins. 

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