heart broken

It still hasn't hit me I still dont believe it,

I can't even bring myself to consieve of it.

Why would a person be so cruel

How could I have been such a foul.

I was just a piece in you game,

It hurts me so bad but maybe I'm to blame.

Cuz I could see it as plane as day,

But still i was determend to have things my way.

But now look at me Im broken and bent,

And even now i continue to vent.

Everyone warned me, but i still let it be.

And now I am broken and misreble you see.

I should have listened to all of my friends.

Then maybe it would have had a diffrent end.

You still wouldn't care i know this for fact,

So I just wont care what do you think about that.

But what am I saying I know This aint true.

No matter what happens I'm in love with you.

And I have to edmit it hurts me so.

Speicelly right now, as I watch you go.

You're leavin me here. Walking out of my life.

Thats what you do and it stabs like a knife.

And you're takeing my heart with you too.

And I know there's nothing that I can do.

Thats how it is for now and ever.

I dont know why I even bother.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

hey.. you seem to me a very good poet and this is one of your sweet poems indeed..love to read your more poems if you add..and hope you will go through my poetry if it touches your heart too