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After Death

gentle kindnesses of the universe

as if Fate stroked my cheek


such rare good fortune to know

my ghosts have visited me.


if you gather around for fireside tales

or hold stock in folk wisdom maybe

if you like unlikely hope

or easily believe strangers, then


maybe you will believe


or maybe in your own misfortunes

Fate will caress a lock of your hair

and you too will see them there.


but i know with absolute certainty


that all the ghosts


your ancestors, the long dead,

grandpa's grandpa,


they all go to funerals. 



so i speculate,

do they remember your pain from their own passing?

are they there to ease your heart?

or are they there for your newly lost loves,

giving them hugs and maybe welcoming them


like we welcome babies in the hospital. 


i imagine them in tailored suits

and pale grey or blue dresses

chatting over glasses of wine

or whiskey and beer

or coffee and tea.


perhaps they discuss the best vacation spots

in heaven.


or they chat about the unchanging weather

and maybe wish it would stop raining peace all the time. 

asking eachother how some other ghosts are doing,

or if their recent trip to Earth went well,

mulling over our worries and broken hearts,

exchanging tips on how to influence songs on the radio. 


they stand in great formality at the burial.

solemn faces watch the despairing alive.

sentinels unable to speak

though sometimes their presence is known. 


you probably don't believe


ghosts go to funerals. 


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S74rw4rd's picture

This is a very unique

This is a very unique interpretation.  I have been reading poetry since the spring of 1973 and have never come across a poem quite like this one.  Bravo!


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

Wow thanks!!

I don't think anyone has ever called one of my poems "unique" before :D

S74rw4rd's picture

I doubt most other poets

I doubt most other poets could have written this poem.


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Other guests

This poem is awesome! To think it's really true. I'll never feel the same at a funeral again!

and_hera_met_zeus's picture

awww thanks :)

i find it comforting in a strange way

allets's picture


at funerals. Clever idea for a write. A continuing connection - nice & warm. Adored the -stop raining peace- line!  Allets



and_hera_met_zeus's picture

aww thanks :)

my dad had a near death experience, he said it was raining peace.  so i "borrowed" the idea from him