oh beloved Anubis

After Death

leave an offering to Anubis

jackal headed wanderer

singing songs of sleep

accompany the ghosts

in the guise of the Grim Reaper

most thankless job.


fierce and stoic Anubis

black winged angel

accompany us all

across the last river.

guide us to the only home

with your bony reaching hand.


oh feared Anubis

ebony spectre of death

the cemetery fox

eyes painted gold.

near forgotten deity

not all priestesses are lost.


i forgive you all

you have ever stolen from me

in good faith and knowing

that you're not the minister

you're the messenger.

i forgive you all


i'll pray to you and thank you

for your hated task

for your most sacred gift

you could have ever given me

most prized, far beyond ability

of any other god living or dead,


only you, Anubis,

have given this to me

and more than once.

thanks and praise to thee.

my eternal loyalty

for your most timely


fair warning.

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S74rw4rd's picture

Decades ago, I had a fierce

Decades ago, I had a fierce interest in Egyptology and, of course, became aquainted with its pantheon.  Yours is the first poem, the first of any writing I have ever read, that softens the fiercome edge; especially the stanza that beings, "I forgive you all."


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

Thank you!

If you think of him more like the Angel of Death, I think it helps.  I tried to incodporate imagery from multiple cultural expressions of the same archetype.  


That's a hated, thankless job, and yet death is such a powerful and important transition, I think we spiritual people sometimes forget, in the anguish of loss, to thank the angel that carries our loves away.  If you think about it, would you rather have them walk that lonely road alone?

S74rw4rd's picture

Of course you are quite

Of course you are quite correct.  I am an awkward, clusmy old man, and though I do not fear death, through my faith, I spent some time in being afraid that I would somehow mess up the process (I still have test anxiety from years ago).  Then I read that at least two angels accompany the soul to heaven, to help with the transition in a gentle way.  Since that time, my fear of my own awkwardness is gone.


and_hera_met_zeus's picture


I never worried about myself screwing up the process!!! I always worry about people I've lost getting lost on their way!!  Maybe that's a difference between youth and old age.  

S74rw4rd's picture

It is also the difference

It is also the difference between a very caring person, yourself, and an old only child---whose lack of sibs and playmates made me a more self-centered person than I ought to be.


and_hera_met_zeus's picture


Nah, my own mortality didn't really hit me until my brother died.  It's really hard to worry about yourself when someone you love that much is already gone.  Everyone's experience of their own mortality is different.  We all want to live, it's not any more selfish than wanting to eat when you're hungry.

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Would imagine this to make a

Would imagine this to make a fantastic scene in an oil painting – the golden wolf at the heels of Styx where all the rivers converge.

and_hera_met_zeus's picture

ahh yes

i do have an Anubis themed oil painting in the works, actually.  i'm glad you caught the reference to Styx. 

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"the cemetary fox"

Wandering around in Egyptology, I consider Anubis. A nice stroll. ~allets~