some time

Exploding Hearts

on some quiet nights

under moon washed colors

frigid air moving in furtive gestures


on some fresh newborn mornings,

frost collecting like sparkling dust

making ten years pass overnight


on some oven baked afternoons

under searing vivid rays of vision

when even shadows reveal their secrets


some times, some days, fleeting,

i wish

you had loved me

the way you said you did.

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Exquisite write, fantastic ending!




and_hera_met_zeus's picture

thanks stella!!!

the poem wrote it's own ending.  i got to the last line and said "but i had so much more to say!" haha but i couldn't argue with that last line either.  so i guess i need to put the rest in a different poem :) usually i ramble on forever looking for the right ending, this one just snuck up on me.

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A Good Poet

seeks an ending. A great poet recognizes when an end line occurs.  ~(:D)- slc



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awww thanks!!!

you flatter me hahaha