Color Corals

Vintage Words

A starfish sent me a photo
from his point of view
I put it up as wallpaper
to surround me.
The starfish gazed at star shine
without eyes. It was a miracle

The stars looked back in wonder.
The horizon smiled laterally..
Star-eyed, watch the moon's phases
The moon beams back night-light to make

the coral blush and the oceans turn

deep blue.
From the sea's bottom, hope 
and wisdom sand-shift. Whales 
and mantas whisper at god-tinged


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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palewingedpoetess's picture

Just beautiful! Truly

wish Bishu and Dove would inspire me in such a splendid manner. Am trying to not be jealous but truly loved your poem allets and I love how you put your name backwards to make it. It's such a lovely id mine comes up loosely asylum when read backwards so not nearly so enchanting as yours. I never tire of reading your poetry. You have my deep admiration. Sincerely, Melissa

allets's picture

Sincerely a precious commodity this decade and is so very well received. My only brother died on Dec 14th this year and your note could not have been sent at a better moment. Thank you now and afuture. I needed a lift and I'm soaring and allowed myself and soul to be wondrously uplifted with the words you sent. Sincerely is good place to exist and it means a lot. - poet to poet, Stella.

Lady A