Vintage Words


The light is just shadow-tinged,
you stop in profile and the heart
flutters as the breath catches the better
way of seeing a grandson
in a brief moment of quiet.
All those features belong to the past,
the tone, the tilting of the head,
the temporary wait to consider
before the whirlwind returns. That
is the meaning of grandmothers
and grandsons. Seeing.
Sensitive, senses at rapid fire,
seemingly witty, a try at humor
failed or captivatingly quaint.
The questions never end, do not

 talk to yourself, talk to me. Come

here, sit, be still with me for I do so
like to share space with you and hear

about the many trials and joys that
blessed your day.



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Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Grandsons Rock!

We are best buds, Aias and I - Lady A

Lady A


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Masterfully crafted, this art

Masterfully crafted, this is art

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Golly and Gosh Too!

This might be the highest compliment I have ever been given - to have a poem simply called art, I pause and say, "Wow". - Thanks and hugs - Lady A


Lady A


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Old perhaps - but very

Old perhaps - but very noteworthly. Moments that live forever..

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Tales To Pass Down

I am leaving my autobiography behind, but a lot of the stories will hopefully be passed down - the moments that live indeed! - Thanks for the read cevance - Lady A


Lady A