Cooler Than Blue Birds

Vintage Words


Winging his blue air

gracing his lady with

a smile. Sensoria at peak,

he floats, the metamorphic



Time and travel flittering

across her virtual

and her profane. She

is a blue denizen of air

fond mostly of flying.






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deepblue's picture

I take personal credit for

I take personal credit for this poem! hehe kidding, strong write allets

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I Give You Absolute Credit deepblue

Thanks for the visit and comment with mirth. I should write more poems like this one, huh?  :D ~Star~


Lady A


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Verses that lend me reason to

Verses that lend me reason to pause, sit back, close my eyes, smile and imagine..

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Food For Thinking?

Oh. Just as intended, to sail on a wisp of a notion and drift. Just drift. The smile is a plus - thank you for the :) - It made me glad - Lady A

Lady A