Rock Salt

Vintage Words


A follow-up, rock salt in the driveway,

to keep you from slip sliding away

or gliding without blades. Can eat right

through any ice patch, and it will

pock mark any concrete on the freeway.

Sidewalks and porches dream of resurfacing

whenever spring comes.


Miss a spot and fall, cruise into a tree

a hedge row, a pole,

another driver. Fender benders

are expensive oversights. Works well

raising temperature in boiling water.

Wild rumor says it makes the cake.


Buy salt by the barrel, bags should

read 24 pounds or better. Detroit is sitting

on a salt mine, did you know? It is

sometimes pink from the blooded hands

of the salt miners. A shovel on the front

of a truck only skims, leaving ice caused 

by underbelly truck heat. 


Black ice laughs at it. Genetically

evolved, the skin is ebony and defies

lies,  skies, and truck tires. Sunlight 

will not penetrate it, just bounces off.

It looks like raw diamond, only it

punctures holes as if in a winter

Olympic sport. Rock salt is crunchy

under boots. No sound exists like

it anywhere.


Swing salt clusters evenly in an arc

and release as you walk. Go inside,

get warm. Come back to where you left

off and get cold again. Works well

in a sawed off shot gun. Rock salt. You

can shoot the icicles off with it nicely.






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nightlight1220's picture

Really enjoyed these fun

Really enjoyed these fun facts about rock salt. 

I wish you a well seasoned path.

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


allets's picture

Just Call Me

. . . a salty dog. (The slang term "dag" originated in Detroit). Now I think it's standardized English. :D Thanks for the read (in January 2014?) Yeah ~Star~



Lady A


ReilaMorello's picture

Ah, Rock salt..

In the Frozen North

(Where I once called home)

We did that too,

It would constantly rain

And the temperature dropped dramatically

(My dad considered it "Shorts Weather").


allets's picture

Shorts Weather

We call it a lot of things. Thanks for stopping by for the read ~A~



Lady A