Too True

Vintage Words


Truth is a little bird in a tree

balancing on a bare branch

looking at a garden hoping

for a worm meal soon.


Truth is invisible and wafts

across the skies of earth

and other worlds besides

to leave trails of smoke

that involve mirrors

and mouths and ears.


Truth is life, no matter

how many lies are involved

or how long the contemplation

of what is the center. Truth

is the core of what is and what

is not.







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The truth has never been a

The truth has never been a friend of mine. Any graciousness is always fought for tooth and nail. And still truth never lets me in.

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Truth Elusive

Truth is an idea thought up by an idiot who was insane first and multiple personalitied second. Thirdly the truth idiot was a poet, then retired to be a muse, but the Muse Institute of Inspiration (local P.O.E.T.) threw him out. Now, he is cycling around Europe, sleeping in hostels, trying to locate the real truth and nothing but the truth. So you are right, hard to find that ol' scalawag, Truth - Be well ~A~

Lady A