Come Home

Vintage Words


So much invested

in waiting for phone

calls, the heart

bleeds and agony

is the cause. Come



We need to evaluate

what is lost and what

is real. Whatever I did

to make you go, please



I have taken the risk

to invest so much in my

love for you. Reasons mean

everything. Let's talk

over hot tea while looking

into each other's eyes.

My preference would be

at home.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

A how to make up poem.

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bishu's picture

Your post was GOOD Madam Allets

Your post was GOOD Madam Allets in my humble view.You discussed about three things (1) Financial Security (2) Love & (3) Trust.

I believe that no amount of Financial Security can buy Love.Trust is (my humble view) the fulcrum on which love rotates.It is the lubricant which oils the wheels of love.Respected Madam Allets, humans have become far too complicated and that is why the element of trust is scarce.A silent stroll with a loved one munching popcorn or peanuts is "the thing" to enjoy.If enjoyment doesn't come from popcorn / peanuts.. even a luxury 10 course dinner wont bring the "feeling" ..Sorry, Madam, maybe I blabbered too much.I reiterate Your post was GOOD Respected Madam Allets~Your~scribbler~friend~across~the~Ocean



allets's picture

The World Needs More Blabbering

Will love for peanuts - I like it! But a ten course meal will definitely get my attention. I agree with your comments, yr pal on the other side of the pond ~A~

Lady A