I Wish You Health

Vintage Words


Wishing you low blood pressure, a

heart that will sustain the lifting of tons,

lungs that pump oxygen to the body

like a rocker biker tops off his hog.

May the physicians you visit

be the best in the world, may the nurses

and interns be cooler looking than most.

Let the pulse jig, let the blood flow

without obstacles. Let each organ get

in tune with the future, the distant future.


May your greying hair turn back

to what it was at twenty. May you walk

a hundred miles a month and lose

weight the way homo sapiens

are supposed to lose weight. Ask

your physician to keep you stroke

free. May the memory improve and the

toe nails grow like crazy.


If any attribute was missed that needs

repair or reversal, fill in the blank

and tell your doctor you want him

to work miracles. You never know.

She might be able to.







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Just took a large gulp from the FOY ...

Just took a large gulp from the FOY ... Already feelin better reading your post Respected Madam allets.Or was it booze?? I wonder !!!



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Youth Fountain

The fountain of youth, per The Dove, is based on teeth brushing and washing of hands, so you would have to brush your teeth with 151 proof Barcardi and rinse your mouth in Barbancourt Rum from Haiti - you may not actually BE younger, but you will certainly FEEL younger. Happy Holidays B, TTYL ~A

Lady A


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That is the best wish anyone

That is the best wish anyone could ever wish for someone.  Loved it.


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Glad Tidings

Optimism for the new year and every year is the goal. Tough challenge with so many dying, so many poor, minds in pain, people destitute of pocket and spirit. Health is a good starting point. Be well ~Lady A~

Lady A