A Wee Nip of Whisky

Vintage Words


Relatives drink it by the barrel

full. We lost a lot of time with them

and the problems went no where.

We just kept throwing out the

empties. The last drop was the little

freedom they ever knew. Escapism

was lifestyle, not time out.


I like a little whisky in tea or coffee, 

straight, with a spritz of soda as if

there is a need to warm the mind for

an hour, more or less. Escapism comes

in writing sci-fi novels, the occasional

verse on line, dreaming of books

in print with a fluted glass on the side.


Wine slows down the busy pace of highly

strung poets who want to change the

universe, but do not own sufficient math

to reach the nearest star or the nearer











Author's Notes/Comments: 

Moderation in all things keeps life even - slc

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You can say that again. Life

You can say that again. Life is the board that rests on a fulcrum. We touch the gods when we "get the point".


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Point Taken

I have been thinking a lot lately about reaching the God(s). Just need the right fulcrum - be well and thanks for the comment ~Lady A~



Lady A


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I like this one a lot. *smile*

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Lots of Smiles

The world is fueled by booze, but slows down when the hangover hits. Glad you liked this one ~Lady A~

Lady A


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The lovely heady feeling after a generous tipple Oh! Mm Allets

The lovely heady feeling after a generous tipple Oh! Mm Allets.Is it vice ??? The Gods come closer woes crawl away n the fogged mind become clearer. Too much oh bother !!!! the puke n the rotten hangover !!! After a week it's back to square one.Booze isn't for the weak.A person inflicted by hypothermia awakens with booze.



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A Tipple

We call it binge drinking - but the Michigan police just take 'em to jail if they get behind the wheel. Judgement affecterd, they wake to bars and a cot. Not bad people, mostly, just one too many. Drink, just know when to stop and enjoy the miasmic status until you "come down". Drugs and booze and pills will end you before you barf - exfixiating on vomit is no way to die - live. That's better ~In a mood~ allets



Lady A