Dwell On Happiness

Vintage Words


Love excludes those who hate.

Happiness is wondrous delusion. Fame

takes flight eventually. Friends fade,

new friends fade too.


Always is a hope that never stays.

Lasting peace becomes overwhelming

war. The soul weeps and lets the mind

comfort and cheer. We make joy

like an excellent wine that takes time,

spring water, and a good









Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happiness is like poetry, you make it, revise it, rewrite the last lines, then publish. Joy results.

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a.griffiths57's picture

  Brilliant poetry, well



Brilliant poetry, well versed and the words chosen were well like your wine vintage. Loved your poem an excellent read.




allets's picture

Occasions Of Love

Are a celebration.


Lady A


Beavis's picture


There's so much I love about this, but not only are these line great, but so true,

"Love excludes those who hate

happiness is wondrous delusion"

(So much of our view of life, both good and bad, is based on our delusions;-)

"We make joy.

like an excellent wine, it takes time

and spring water and a good



A fine vintage here, Lady A!

allets's picture

I Enjoyed Writing This Poem, Beav


Love rocks!

Lady A