There Was A Time

Vintage Words


I did not understand or could not explain

anything at all at the age of eleven. Living

was day to day. I awoke to be bombarded

with information I believed to be useless.

I slept and dreamed that understanding

would happen at waking. Sometimes

it made sense. Most days it did not

make any sense and I just went with

whatever was happening that day. 

Disappointment became the verb



For years, this was my mantra "Go forth

and see it all, believe nothing, improvise."

The goal then was to be feckless.

then the demands of adulthood happened

and, unprepared, I dreamed of not

understanding quite so much. That

pretty much describes my working years.


Old and retired and very sage, I sit

and write down words thinking, fecklessly,

that someone will read them. The fine 

information I gathered purchased a modicum

of wisdom and interaction with fate

made me realize life is not so much short

as it is inevitable.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling existential again - slc

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Great conclusion to this :)

Great conclusion to this :)

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From You

that means a lot. Good to get the feedback - thanks ~~A~~

Lady A


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I've been hearing a lot

I've been hearing a lot lately how life is too short.

It was nice to read it in a different manner.


"life is not so short"


It made me smile.

Nice one Lady A. ^.-


"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo

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Glad To Bring A Smile To You

ashes_twisted, thanks for sharing your moment with me. :D - Now I'm smiling too ~~Hugz and more Hugz ~~A~~

Lady A