Life Unknown

Vintage Words


Life is a leaf

captured by fierce

winds that send

the leaf catapulting

towards an impenetrable

wall of wails and woes

and wonder.


Whipping past fears and pain,

sailing into joyous celebration

and onward to illness, aging,

and a safe landing.

It is possible that the flip side

of life as a leaf

is perpetual unalterable







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Definitively not knowing

Definitively not knowing might be the best part of all because now you can accept them both as representing life, or bearing liveliness :) great work

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Thanks deepblue

You intuit  my work quite well. I love dichotomies...glad to know you ~~A~~

Lady A


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Light & Airy

I have spring fever.  Life is all about nature. Thanks for the read. This was life as the moved and the mover ~~A~~

Lady A