Life In The Slow Lane

Vintage Words


If the avalanche is not too close, 
or the plane falling is not eating your

shadow, if the ground does not swallow

your heel's spot right now, and the beer

is not flat and moldy, you are okay.


If the clothes are hole filled from bending

the knee too much, if the birds develop

diseases but do not infect all the robins

and jays, remember one thing: tomorrow

is gonna happen so run fast, dodge the hit

coming, let climb-out syndrome be your guide

and survive.


If the plane falls or mountains slowling

avalanching are not quite close enough, if

the trees die, and all the birds die,  

remember one more thing as you step

around the dead birds and parachute

to a safe landing, you are still here.







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cool. i like it

cool. i like it

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Glad You Liked

Near misses and calculated escapes - Ah poetry can take you anywhere. Thank you for reading me. ~~Lady A~ 

Lady A