Cycles And More Cycles

Vintage Words


Consider the circle;

endless, no beginning

anywhere. Think

for one complete minute,

thirty seconds, if you are

in a hurry, of calendars

that equally have no



We mark the season

arbitrarily. Who knows

what day we were born,

what day was our first



Faith is like cycles

and circles and calendars

that are lies. You are born

and remember nothing

of before. You die

and remember nothing

of before.


A timeline is like a circle,

open ended moving toward

infinity at the speed of no

sound ever heard, like that

tree in the forest. No one

was there. Time is another kind 

of immeasurable cycle. 








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RainerBukowski's picture

Ah yes...the CIRCLE

I read this a few times and each time it was a rythmic journey. I enjoyed the repitition in the third stanza.  I could decipher this one for thanks.  Kudos

allets's picture

You Are Kind

Softly Spoken


Contented, I hear you say

there is something here

that touches the mind

and leaves behind a trail

of needs to understand

simply what you were

thinking yesterday.





Happy Valentine's Day

Lady A