First Lady

Vintage Words


she walked around a garden with no idea
what lay beyond the electronic fence
like a pooch, trapped by her own fears
too aware that it is very nice here
and she should stay.


food, plentiful. check. air good, pretty
man with nice bod, no need for doctors
or medicines. no headache. ever.
only one animal in the whole lot
scaled and green as envy. why a snake?

imagine doves. furry creations that nibble
all day.


imagine water so pure you
can see the bottom and the sky together
like a rained out canvas the eye owns.
greens so beautiful, leaves bow to grasses
to kiss and sip nectars no one has ever
tasted, because there is no one else.

why an apple? give a perfectly descent
fruit a bad rep.


i like apples because they
are crunchy with sweetness and fit
the hand like skin. in a perfect space,
imperfections and dark ideas belly
crawl across the turf to leave a stain
and something new and slightly
less than evil.


the story begins outside, as if the beauty
queen could not have children because
they would leave her fat and evil. no more
perfect flowers, birds look differently
at her, the horizon holds nukes and plastic.
lamb's wool is a thing to be rediscovered.
the man followed, he had no real choice.
he was in love.








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I enjoyed reading your lovely

I enjoyed reading your lovely poem. I felt as if you take me by the brain, in a nice way, back to Mother Nature. Thanks for your sensational and natural feelings.

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I don't think anyone has ever

I don't think anyone has ever said I took them by the brain in a nice are very kind to read my work and make me blush ~:S

Lady A