Vintage Words


Wavers as you pass, like too many
birthday decorations, too many prayers
sent everywhere, ultimately for blowing out
by breath or a rogue wind.


One considers flame. Wick.They

are the vogue at holiday vigils.

Candelabras. Light is a function

of candles. Candles are a function of
bee’s wax and string.


Darkness fades to a struck match
and fashions nervous shadows against
walls when candles are lit. Clarity
occurs when light flames at night.


A substitute for lightbulbs
when the storm takes out
the wired-in power. Candles.
Sunlight is measured
in them.






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Wonderful writing. Darn rogue winds. I spent some time learning how to make all different types of candles out of a lot of different things. The darkness fears me!

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Darknessly Fear Some

Candles are limited unless the statue of liberty is really a candle, lifting her lamp beside the dark...dark fears assuredly! - Thanks for the comment on rogue winds ~~~Lady A

Lady A