4 a.m.

Vintage Words


An interesting time to be awake

when mostly everyone in the hemisphere

is asleep. Babies are gurgling away

the hours, sleeping through the night.

A miner, after a strenuhous shift,

turns over and the bed creaks.


The stars are as indifferent as the moon

descending. The earth creeps toward the sun

but has not quite arrived.


An intersting hour, 4 a.m. Too aware

that most are alseep, there are

unquestionably an habitual number

who rise early or usually turn toward

home from an all night ramble. 

Dependent on ending or beginning

the day, it is still an interesting







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I have to say how very much I

I have to say how very much I enjoyed reading this, I was so engrossed with everything that was going on. 

As someone who is a very bad sleeper I know 4am very well, plus when I was on the early shift at work I was getting up at 4.15 having only just fallen asleep at 4.05am, most nights!  Sue x.


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I can function on 2 hours sleep, but no sleep happens mostly in emergencies. I can count on one hand insomnia from stress or over thinking - to be avoided. I like my sleep. Thanks for reading my work - Stella


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